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Participating in LKM’s recruitment process might be a lifechanging experience. Kristjan Erm, the Business Development Manager of Enics Eesti, describes his experience during this journey

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Liis Tiideberg founded LKM Talent Group about 6 years ago. Since then Liis has helped many companies to find them talents that bring not only expected knowledge but also additional value into the Corporation. Liis has worked out her own methods of recruitment and they have proved to pay off!

Participating in LKM’s recruitment process might be a lifechanging experience. Kristjan Erm, the Business Development Manager of Enics Eesti, describes his experience during this journey:
„A career choice has probably the same level of importance in one’s life that it can be compared to even marriage. Same as in marriage, choices that are made based on shallow grounds or without proper analyses can turn out to be very unfortunate. But on the other side, if the choices are carefullyanalyzed with pros and cons weighed in detail, the result can be great! This is why you need a partner who will take the time and make the effort in getting to know you and who helps you in mirroring and analyzing your ideas and emotions regarding the future before you make any decision on your career.

Liis is the only person in the recruitment business I have met during my career of 15 years, that makes you feel like you are talking to an old friend. Her straightforward and direct way of communicating is of absolute importance for me as a professional. She is trustworthy, with great spirit and that truly shows in her work. She lives and breathes her business which is recruitment!

In today’s fast paced life, we all need a partner with whom you can relate and who is able to analyze you based on your personality and career goals with keeping in mind the compatibility of the match between the future employers.
Thanks to the good work of the LKM team with Liisis management, 4 years ago one of the best career choices in my life was made possible – I joined Enics Eesti.

Thank you and keep up the great work!
Kristjan Erm
Business Development Manager
Enics Eesti“

Thank You Kristjan for these kind words! It means the World to us!
If You want to be part of different kind of talent search, feel free to contact

Liis Tiideberg +372 53 471 508 liis@lkmtalent.ee
LKM Talent Group
Recruitment and Development Agency


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