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Different talent search

LKM is in the recruitment world like a breath of fresh air in a morning sunrise forest.



Life is too short to be doing a job that does not bring out your full potential. If this is how you are thinking aswell, then our goal is to help find you the greatest job that will bring you happiness. Talents tell us often, that LKM experience is totally different. The main core of our approach is personal, supportive and stress free. Sounds interesting?



We have helped our partners to find production, financial and top managers, as well as top specialists. As the right hand man for the HR department, we help to find the missing piece for their puzzle in 35 working days. Our approach is creative, innovative and adaptable. Find out more about how our different talent search looks like.



LKM Talent Group has been operating since 2015. We support the comprehensive development of people and teams through talent search, consulting and supportive activities.

We are like detectives with a sidekick and a back office. By working together, we will succeed and deliver. We find a position for talents that will make them happy. Simply put – we find a birch from a forest of pines.



We have a transparent and efficient recruitment process. By choosing us and direct search, partners win by getting the long awaited best talent for their team.


Talents win by getting a job that fits their competence, experience and personal suitability. In the end- everyone will be happy!


LKM Talent Group OÜ
Rotermanni 6 – 225
10111 Tallinn