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Meie koostööpartner, Balti riikide suurim väikepruulikoda Põhjala, mis annab tööd enam kui 40-le inimesele, ootab oma talendika ning ambitsioonika meeskonnaga liituma tegevjuhti…

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Sales Manager

We are proud to introduce you to an amazing opportunity to join Genista Grupp as a Sales Manager…

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“I liked to apply through LKM very much, because I got detailed information about both position and employer already at the beginning of the process. All my questions were answeredg immediately as well since LKM takes time to get to know their customer’s organisation and its culture well. Throughout the application process, they constantly connected with me to talk about the next steps and give feedback. There was never a moment where I did not know what’s next, or how we are away from the final decision.”

– Kaisa Apsalon –