Process Metallurgist/Engineer

We are proud to introduce you to an amazing opportunity to work as a Process Metallurgist/Engineer in NPM Silmet OÜ, one of the largest science-based high-tech companies in Estonia.

You have an opportunity to continuously improve processes, develop new materials and products, support the plant, and manage projects. You will be engaged with a multi-disciplinary scientific and technical staff to provide highly reliable data, infrastructure, and scientific resources to diverse stakeholders. Your role supports the niobium and tantalum business R&D group and production.


Estonia, Sillamäe


Flexible business hours



Why join with NPM Silmet?

  • For them, innovation has always been a key driver for business.
  • You can be one of the leaders in a strategic change as they switch from aluminothermic to magnesium.
  • They have world-class laboratory equipment – up to a tenth of the tantalum and up to a fifth of the niobium consumed by the world is currently produced by them.
  • They support strong international cooperation and the possibility to grow inside the company.
  • For them, success is a journey, not a destination.
  • They are one of Europe’s largest rare metal and rare earth metal manufacturers with the trade union.

Your key activities

  • Develop and champion a world-class technology environment within the NPM Silmet AS Rare Metals division. 
  • Write a high level of technical reports and do metallurgical or technical interpretations.
  • Create various development or prototyping programs. This will involve stakeholder interface, planning and scheduling, identification and purchase of raw materials, and leading the activities of lower-level employees. 
  • Lead process technology efforts to change our plants for the better, while improving safety, quality, metallurgical efficiency, reducing environmental footprint, and lowering cost. 
  • Provide technical assistance for the operating plants- chemistry, unit operations, procedures, metallurgical mass balance, etc. 
  • Design, direct, conduct, and supervise scale-up experiments & transfer to production-scale processes for recovery of high-value metal products from varying types of feed materials and/or processes for the production of value-added materials, such as powders. 
  • Participate in technical discussions with all stakeholders.

What helps you to succeed

  • Previous experience in the field of pyrometallurgy of any metal. 
  • Great if you have project management experience in an industrial or commercial environment.
  • Strong mechanical and operational attitude.
  • Demonstrated experience using a combination of analytical, experimental, and theoretical approaches to solving problems.
  • Outstanding leadership and interpersonal skills with an interpersonal style that encourages open expressions of ideas and opinions. 
  • Strong personal integrity and work ethic, superior judgment, emotional intelligence, the ability to maintain confidentiality, and the ability to show sound judgment and independent initiative.
  • Degree in extractive metallurgy, materials science, chemical engineering, or related discipline.
  • Russian and English languages give you freedom at work.


In 2018 NPM Silmet was in the top 3 most successful manufacturing companies in Estonia.

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