Sales Unit Manager

Inbank is a rapidly growing bank with Estonian roots that operates in Baltics and nearby countries where it provides consumer financing and depositing products.

Inbank has a mission – with their startup mentality to take banking outside of banking. And they need YOU to be their TOP client’s ambassador as an inspiring Sales Unit ManagerAre you ready to take yourself to the next level?


Tallinn Kalamaja office


Flexible working hours



Why Inbank?

The attitude of startup lets to test new concepts easily and adapt to unexpected challenges.

Very strong back-office is always behind you. Every member of this organization cares and tends to work as if it was their own company. Active cooperation with other departments will lead you to better results and working together you will thrive in a challenging environment.

Active Founders of Inbank are still very much involved in the daily business. Trust from the investors allows them to innovate, try new things, and expand customer bases. 

Trendy office in Kalamaja, a company car, super professional team and opportunities for personal and professional development.

Your main activities

Being an inspiring leader to the sales team. Managing and developing your team is going to be a fascinating challenge – you need to breathe as one! Work out new sales strategies and launch these ideas together. 

Growing Sales – working out and implementing sales strategies should not be a struggle for you. Planning ahead, reacting to unexpected market changes, discovering new business opportunities, encouraging your team to use their strengths to achieve better results in a fast-changing environment and do active sales – these are just some samples of the tasks that will land on your desk. 

Detailed analyses – setting business objectives and monitoring the results is one of the most essential skills we are looking for. On the other hand we also value the courage to decide on the spot in difficult situations. Respect the analyses but be prepared to act to unexpected changes on the market. Feel The Now, know The Past and see The Future! 

Customer relationships expand the contact network and create a strategy for your team to start active communication with new potential customers. Also focus on holding good relationships with current customers – be aware of how they are doing and what is the “pulse” of the business.

We believe that a great Sales Unit Manager is

Creative – always finds solutions to whatever situations and makes miracles happen. 

Experienced – working before in a B2B management position gives us the trust that you have strong leadership qualities.

Sales Talent – you need to know how to make sales grow and what your team is doing. Prove us that you have an eagerness to build active relationships. 

Great Communicator – the everyday working language is English, with some clients it is better if you speak Russian and feel the most comfortable with your team while speaking in Estonian. Feel free to surprise us with additional language skills.

Are you willing to accept the challenge!?

Does the offer speak to you? Apply!

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