When we do something, we do it well and with commitment. We learn and develop through the implementation of new opportunities. We are always there for talents and customers.

Founder, head project manager

Liis Tiideberg

I am spontaneous, cordial, adhere to a high code of ethics, stubbornly consistent,
extremely good communicator, identifiable and definitely inclusive personality.

Here at LKM I am responsible for the operation of the company, new and existing customer relationships and
recruitment projects. The more difficult the challenge, the more eyes burn.

Connecting people

Partner, CEO

Mihkel Reinsalu

I’m the type of seeker – why are things in life the way they are?
I sincerely believe that there is always a solution in every situation.

Here at LKM I help keep the company on track and feed its growth.

Ability to see the big picture and make connections

Partner, project manager

Madis Roodla

I am a person who enjoys challenges and processes. Equality and equality are very close to my heart. I’m a great communicator. I will consider before I make a decision.

Here att LKM I am responsible for marketing, recruitment and service development.

See the smallest detail of the process, analyze it and come up with an unusual solution.


Külli Gutmann

Diverse interests have allowed me to gain diverse experience. I like to make plans and at the same time I am ready to change them if the situation changes.

Here at LKM I bring talents and companies together so that everyone can find the most suitable job or employee.


Sales and marketing project manager

Riin Põldme

I really am a people-person. I like to create new contacts and communicate with different people from different areas. It makes my eyes shine when I can organize events or lead projects. I love the feeling I get when I know I’m going to start a new project.

Here at LKM I am responsible for growing our sales and creating a new marketing strategy that inspires our clients ant talents.

I can (re)start myself, my teammates and projects as if it needs no effort whatsoever.e.