Why LKM Talent Group?

We approach recruiting with creativity and innovativity, which is why we are highly adaptable in each next challenge.
Our aim is to find a job that truly makes the person happy. In plain English – we are able to detect a birch from a forest of pines.

CollaborationGroundwork – First things first – we meet, get to know each other and draw up profiles about your firm and vacancy.

Usume The search – We plan out the recruitment process and put our detectives to work.
On top of having a superb network of contacts, we also have secret methodologies and technical equipment to make it a success.

LKM strength Meetings – This step is extra important to us. We approach on a personal level and get to know the talent.
In such meetings we always include two recruiters, this duo carefully picks out the best of the best. Why two? Because you can eat faster with a fork and knife than with just a knife.

Start-ups Selection – We trust our head and intuition and pick out absolute stars for your vacant position that will go together with your company just as well as coffe and cream – good separately but even better when together.

We're at work Client Meetings -You will be introduced to the best. Making a choice will be hard – how can one choose between chocolate and chocolate?

We're at work Follow-up – Recruiting a talent is similar to putting together a rubik’s cube that is not completed until all the sides are similar color. 
On top of everything else, we will conduct a final raport, support the talent with mentor catch-ups and give our job a guarantee.

Different kind of talent search